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Owner In-Line Circle - Stil Fishing
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Owner In-Line Circle

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For many anglers, a hook is a hook is a hook. Well, take it from us, nothing could be further from the truth. Your hook connects you to the fish and it needs as much thought and consideration as the rest of your kit. Why have a top shelf combo worth hundreds of dollars, and more, then attach poor quality hooks to your line and render the whole rig unreliable. It doesn’t make sense. For flesh andlive baits you should never consider anything else other than the Owner SSW Inline Circle hooks series.

This hook accomplishes two key demands. Firstly, they catch more fish and, secondly, they protect fish for healthy release. The inline design helps better against a gut hook up. When fish swallow the hook it slides out from the gut and becomes lodged in the side of the mouth, the ideal spot for angler and fish alike. The Carbon steel construction ensures hooks lost in bust ups will see the hook eventually rust away from the fish.

The chemical sharpening process produces as sharper hook as you will find on the market. Fast penetration is assured and the barb will help keep the fish locked on until landed.

The carbon steel construction also allows for a smaller gauge steel to attain the required hook strength. Penetration is better and the thin steel allows much more attractive presentation of flesh and live baits that ultimately leads to an increase in strike rate.

If you want to fish with the best, don’t stop at a reel, rod and line straight from the top shelf, insist on using Owner SSW Inline Circle hooks, be tournament ready and know that your entire rig is the best you can get.


  • Model 5179-151
  • General purpose medium shank
  • Ultra-sharp Chemically sharpened hangnail point
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Black chrome finish
  • Tournament Legal
  • Constructed from high carbon steel


  • Size 5/0                Quantity per pack: 7
  • Size 6/0                Quantity per pack:  6
  • Size 7/0                Quantity per pack:  5
  • Size 8/0                Quantity per pack:  5
  • Size 9/0                Quantity per pack:  4

Note: Price is for 1 Packet only – Choose Size When Ordering


  • These are tournament legal hooks for the game fishos and serious anglers.
  • 90% of hook-ups are in the corner of the mouth of a fish. This is the best place for a clean fight as well as the health and safety of the fish.
  • Owner SSW in Line Circle Hooks all help put an end to gut hook ups.
  • Being made from High Carbon Steel, SSW hooks if lost in a bust up will eventually rust out. Stainless steel hooks will stay in the mouth of a fish indefinitely.
  • Owner hooks ensure more hook-ups and better hook-ups more consistently while still protecting the safety of the fish.
  • Stronger steel allows for thinner steel diameters. This is much better for hook ups as well as allowing the angler to present a bait more naturally. Live baits will last longer.