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Call Us: 028 754 3343

From 8:00 to 17:00 (Mon-Fri) RSA


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Stilfishing collection of offshore fishing rods. We stock anything from Trolling, Jigging,
Popping, Flick stick, Big Game and Bottom fishing rods. If you are looking for a specific fishing rod that you cannot find on our online store, please give us a call on 028 754 3343

Offshore Fishing Rods (24)

Assassin Duel Spin/Jig

R 2,399.90

Assassin Jigmaster Slow...

R 2,099.90

Elbe Glass Boat...

R 499.90

Assassin Leviathan Boat...

R 1,499.90

Shimano Trevala Jigging

R 2,999.90

Assassin Abyss Slow...

R 2,649.90R 3,249.90

Metaloid Flick Stick...

R 2,299.90

Penn Legion II...

R 949.90R 1,199.90

Okuma Azores Boat...

R 699.90R 899.90

Okuma Aireal Boat...

R 599.90

Penn Legion Boat...

R 1,199.90

Assassin Duel Zero...

R 2,499.90R 3,249.90

Shimano Trevala S...

R 3,249.90

Assassin Artemis 5'3"

R 3,999.90

Assassin Boatmaster

R 1,099.90R 1,499.90

Assassin Seriola HMC

R 1,399.90

Penn Mariner Rods

R 619.90

Assassin Fortuna

R 2,749.90

Okuma Metaloid -Slow...

R 1,249.90R 1,999.90

Poseidon Jig Pole...

R 599.90