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Fishing rods for sale, South Africa. Here is all our rods for sale. Spinning Rods, Popping rods, Rock and Surf Rods, Jigging Rods, Light rods, Kayak rods and all off-shore Rods for sale. We stock only the best rods and brands and we have the best prices on fishing rods in South Africa. We stock brands like Assasin, Berkley, Diawa, Shimano, Okuma, Penn, AbuGarcia and Sensation fishing rods.

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Rods (83)

Loomis HMG Archipelago...

R 1,899.90

Assassin Tempest II

R 1,499.90

Assassin Abyss Slow...

R 3,249.90

Assassin Leviathan Boat...

R 1,499.90

Assassin Seriola HMC

R 1,399.90

Assassin Sierra HMC

R 5,499.90

Bluefish Special

R 2,649.90

Shimano Trevala S...

R 3,249.90

Shimano Trevala Jigging

R 2,999.90

Shimano FX XT...

R 499.90

Shimano SLX Spinning

R 999.90

Sensation Power Plus...

R 799.90

Elbe Glass Boat...

R 499.90

Daiwa BG Power...

R 2,199.90

Daiwa Saltist Power...

R 2,999.90

Assassin Sabre II

R 1,199.90

Assassin Duel Spin/Jig

R 2,399.90

Assassin Artemis 5'3"

R 3,999.90

Penn Legion II...

R 949.90R 1,199.90

Mitchell Peppastick Spin

R 349.90