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Here is our collection of Saltwater Inshore Lures, these lures are excellent for Rock and surf fishing for Kabeljou, Garrick, Shad, Yellowtail and more.

Inshore Lures (102)

Berkley® Fusion19™ Bucktail...

R 79.90R 99.90

Zombie Lures Z'Killer...

R 179.90

Zombie Lures Z'Vibe

R 99.90R 119.90

Iron Candy "Magic...

R 99.90

GT Ice Cream...

R 129.90

Rapala Skitter V

R 249.90

Daiwa ProRex Paddletails

R 44.90

Berkley PowerBait Saltwater...

R 99.90

Iron Candy Couta...

R 99.90

Fishman Sweeper

R 79.90

Owner Gekito Ultra...

R 120.00R 199.90

Phantom Squid

R 29.90R 59.90

CID Rattling Hot-Lips

R 79.90R 119.90

Blu Slow Jig...

R 49.90R 69.90

Kingfisher Rattler 140D

R 109.90

Berkley GULP!® Saltwater...

R 189.90

Fishman Slashwing

R 139.90

Zombie Lures Z'Slow

R 79.90R 149.90

Berkley Powerbait Hollow...

R 129.90R 159.90